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About Roomsoom

Roomsoom, known as the business class of coliving, is India's top luxury-managed accommodation provider, offering a living experience that is par excellence. Exclusively focused on working professionals and the millennial generation, Roomsoom provides a comfortable, connected and curated way of living where one can enjoy all the modern amenities under one roof and an enriching community experience. At Roomsoom, you can enjoy a completely hassle-free life with an array of incredible amenities along with top-notch lifestyle services.





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Our Founders

Nitin Aggarwal

Nitin Aggrawal

Founder & CEO

Kalpesh Mehta


Founders Note

Roomsoom was founded in 2018 by industry veterans Nitin Aggarwal , who have extensive experience in the co-living market. Nitin Aggarwal spent over five years studying the co-living landscape in India and identified the gaps between the expectations of modern working professionals and the offerings of traditional co-living players. Realising the need for a premium product, he envisioned Roomsoom’s high-quality, premium accommodations that meet the needs and expectations of discerning professionals.

Nitin's entrepreneurial spirit and deep understanding of the co-living market have been instrumental in helping Roomsoom stand out in a crowded market. Roomsoom's success is a testament to his vision and hard work. Nitin's commitment to excellence and his desire to create a truly exceptional product have been key factors in the company's rapid growth and success.


Our Vision

To revolutionise the way people find and experience housing by fostering a community of like-minded individuals.

Since 2018, Roomsoom, with Nitin Aggarwal at its helm, has been revolutionising the coliving landscape in India with a singular mission:

Our Mission

To truly transform the way millennials live by offering holistic living spaces that prioritize comfort, community, privacy, and luxury.

Sprawling in 70+ world-class properties in 5+ major metropolitans across the length and breadth of India, Roomsoom has become synonymous with being the ‘business class of coliving’. And this success is owed to Roomsoom’s distinctive values:

Our Values

Seamless, innovative, and reliable housing,  we believe in simplifying living for our residents so that they can leave behind renting hassles and focus on their hustle

We, as a brand, are proud of how far we’ve come, but each day we strive each day to  serve our primary purpose and achieve our greater goal:

Our Goals

To make India’s youth aspire and live a life of luxury with a product tailored to perfection for all their housing needs.


Soulful Music Nights

A community that jams together stays together.


Wednesday Night Stand-Up

Mid-week laughter fest to laugh away that stress


Furry Therapy Sesh

They say the best therapist walks on four legs, and we say our community deserves only the best!


DJ Night

Where the community jams and the DJ slams.


Art Therapy

Get creative with the community


Friday Football Tournaments

Kick-off that weekend, yes, literally!

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